Insignias Available for the Troops

cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

Our advance troops are on schedule to arrive at the next rally point in less than 10 days. We got a transmission from Agent 32 via the scrambled channel that the caravan was on track, having just stopped for pie in Blanchester, Ohio. Headquarters has cleared us to let you know we are headed for one of those tiny little slivers of a state in New England.

Once we arrive, new recruits will be granted the privilege to wear one of the coveted badges show above. Anone really wishing to be part of this is only eligible if thy provide us their un-covert ops info via

If that is too much of a challenge, then just tag some things on the web that meet our mission- examples of things that help people be creative within the limits of a particular system or the ways people creatively innovate outside the lines of what is official.

The delicious tag is no secret or even coded- secretrevolution

And if you are not able enough to do the lowest rank action, well then you can just fall in line with the lemmings