The Revolution Will Be Tagged

Well we hope so. Sometimes tagging can be a lonely game. It’s more fun when you play along.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Laurie | Liquid Paper

For tomorrow’s presentation at the CeLC conference, I;’ve been tagging all the web resources listed (and more) in delicious using the bluntly obvious tag of secretrevolution, with the most recent ones embedded via RSS on the sidebar of this site (hey, look right, there they are).

But play along. Tag anything you might think relevant, articles, blog posts, videos, flickr images, anything that gets to the heart of this not so secret revolution, all the ways we are finding to play the game differently, inside ort outside of the tools our institution provides.

Ahhh, but there is more.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by bookgrl

There is a SECRET tag. How can it be secret if I am putting it on this blog? Do you get the total irony of fake secrecy?)

Add an extra tag if what you are bookmarking is a bonafide education example of this in action– use the tag of s3cr3trev.

C’mon and play tag, its lonely doing this by myself!