What Belongs in the Revolutionary’s Tool Box?

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In terms of being a Secret Revolutionary, what are some of the instrumental tools that make the effort more effective? Let’s skip the obvious contenders, we know about Twitter and blogs and wikis, yadda yadda. What are the more odd specialized tools you use that others ought to put in their box?

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Or for the well known tools, what add-ons make them even more powerful? For example, there are seemingly thousands of twitter apps (you could spend days combing through the Twitter Fan Wiki), but there are a few that really shine, like Twitter Times (http://twittertim.es/) which pulls resources and key stories out of the stream of people you follow on twitter.

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One thought on “What Belongs in the Revolutionary’s Tool Box?

  1. Not so much tools, perhaps, as what they are used to do. Access to research and other convincing data is vital. For example, Cindy Lutenbacher today on Common Core: “In creating these standards, Achieve, the governors and the school officials ignored the vast body of truly independent research that shows such “standards” and their inextricably linked standardized testing are worse than folly and are sending our children in the exact opposite direction of what they need”.* This vast body of independent research needs to be accessible and highly visible, so they can’t ignore it. It needs to be very easily located. However comfortable you may be with tagging and distributed information, if your opponents don’t “get ” that concept, your message is likely to be ignored.


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