Tell everyone.

This is the basis for a June 23, 2010 keybnote for the Canadian eLearning Conference (CeLC) where, maybe not knowing what they were in for, offered me this venue to try out something completely new. But hey, it was in their theme:

So here is the official program description:

Perhaps you’ve attended some high brow conference that produces 10 bullet points on “How to Change Education”– and not much happens. Maybe you work an at institution that restricts you from using a certain technology or forces you to use another. And while the image of a revolutionary edupunk is charming, most of us are not ready to burn down our organizations- we believe in their purpose. Despair not! There is something out there– an approach of creatively side stepping what limits us, to exploiting what we are forced to use in new ways, to sneak innovations in the back window that don’t rock the house.

You are invited to join the Secret Revolution, a movement of experimentation in new technologies, one of sharing what we do, connecting to others, all operating just below the radar. Collectively, we can generate more change in our educational system than any glossy white paper. And… it’s really not much of a secret!

Stay tuned, The revolution is just beginning.

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